Shut Down Your Self Doubt

Pre-baby me always worried about not being or having or having done enough to be a mom yet. 

Not enough money. 

Not enough success. 
Not enough space. 
Not enough travel. 

I seriously could go on and on

I now realize how silly, albeit normal, those concerns were. Today, I am confident that I am, quite frankly, more than enough. And I am so glad I did not wait one more day to be a mom. To be my child's mom. I don't even want to think about what life would be like.

That cycle was a familiar one for me, though. Pre-lawyer me worried I wasn't capable of becoming a lawyer. Pre-law school student me thought I couldn't get into law school... I've always been hard on myself.

How many of you are, too? And as a result, how many of you are struggling with self-doubt, thinking you're not enough? Chances are there are quite a few of you. Maybe you don't think you're a good enough writer to write a book. Or have enough of a following to start a blog. Or have enough money to book that trip you've been wanting to go on since last year. 

Stop doubting yourself. Shut down those negative voices telling you you're not enough. Good enough. Smart enough. Popular enough. Successful enough. You are enough. If no one believes in you, consider it their loss. But also, how do you expect anyone to if you don't believe in yourself? You can't. You can be your biggest critic but you also have to be your #1 fan. 

Life happens. It's happening as I write this and it's happening as you read this. Don't let it continuously pass you by. Stop waiting. Start doing.



Find your drive + let it guide you.

To all of you doubting yourselves regarding a big life decision: Trust in your abilities and go for it. Half the battle is believing in yourself enough to. 

As for me, I have my kiddo to thank for choosing me...and for teaching me so much about life as we go. So much of why I believe in myself is because he believes in me.

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  1. I love what you said about life happening, more time needs to focus on what is happening not what could be. Life is too precious to let pass by.