Reflecting on Our Long Distance Days

When my husband and I met, we were each living in a different state--he in Virginia and I in New York. 

Yet, something told each of us to hold on and it wasn't long before we were talking marriage.We started making plans for the future and were hopeful he'd get new orders to his same base in Virginia or somewhere closer to me. 

And then, he got orders to the farthest base on his list: Hawaii.

We'd only been dating a few months when that happened. I remember getting the call and I remember the breakdowns that immediately ensued.

Our fairytale was coming to an end, I feared. Yet, in my heart I knew--I just knew it was an obstacle we'd have to overcome to be together.

Now, here we are.

Some days, I reflect on and reminisce about our long distance days ... those tear-filled, lonely, scary days full of unknowns but also full of so much love, romance, and adventure.

I reminisce about them not because I particularly miss the long distance. But because of how our love carried us while being hundreds and then thousands of miles, bodies of water and, sometimes, continents apart for years (almost three years)... It still amazes me.

These days, that same--yet different--love continues to carry us. And I am so grateful for it.


  1. What an amazing journey you have been on together!! :)

  2. I always tell people that long distance is worth it. Y'all are more proof!