Life Recently: Lots of Trips

It's been a while since I've written about what's been going on in my/our life/lives. Well, March was a doozy. So much went on.

Trips to the ER, pediatrician, Michigan, urgent care... and Puerto Rico! 

Thank goodness we'd planned our vacation because it was so needed after the hectic month we'd been having.

All is, thankfully, well in the health department. Seb was just sick for the first time and it both broke my heart and almost gave me a billion heart attacks. Then, my husband and I got sick (it could have been Seb wiping his nose on me all the time and/or coughing into my mouth as I was holding him..) and I managed to get THE most painful ear infection that I can ever remember having. I was then extremely nervous to fly but decided to do so after being cleared by our doctor.

Of course, getting sick two days before we were about to leave was less than convenient and not ideal... Needless to say, this was the most last-minute packing we have ever done.

Life is still great, though. Because we're healthy (the ear pain lasted under six hours thanks to trusty antibiotics and a heating pad) and amid the craziness, we got to visit my husband's family in Michigan and make it to our vacation in Puerto Rico.

Before I share some photos from our vacation, I want to give you a tip: try to visit in the spring or summer! Last time we visited Puerto Rico, we went in November and we were unimpressed with the ocean. This time, it felt like we were on another island. The water was an amazing shade of crystal-clear blue.

And now, for the good stuff: the photos, most of which were taken on our trusty Nikon (another tip: invest in a good camera--the better quality of photos is worth it).

*Though I took photos, I did not take as many as I normally do because I unplugged.