5 on Friday: Spring Blooms

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! This week has been a longgggg one. 4:45AM wake ups are not easy nor fun.

My plans for the weekend do not include trying the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino (too much sugar and hype for me, though I did contemplate it). It seems like I might very well be one of the few in blogland who will not. I am, still, interested in trying the pink drink, though. ...I digress... 

My weekend plans do include sleeping in until my alarm clock (baby) wakes me up. My husband and I can surely use the extra sleep.

Speaking of my husband (it seems like I'm speaking of him on here a lot lately, huh? lucky fella), he often jokes that I post so many photos of florals in the spring, and well, he's right. If you take a look at my Instagram, it's no surprise I'm a big fan of flowers, particularly the recent ones that have been blooming around New York City. In fact, I like flowers so much that my previous blog name was Just Bloom. There's just something about flowers blooming that makes me happy... It could be

their beauty,

the signaling of warm weather upon us,

or a little bit of both (probably).

It's been forever since I've done a linkup so, I figured what better way than a 5 on Friday to share some of my favorite flowers this season:

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