3 Mantras to Always Remember

I recently saw a post prompting readers to share mantras we tell ourselves. It only took a few moments before I realized what my most common and favorite mantras are:

Today is a great day.

Life is beautiful.

I am loved.

Now, these things are all so easy to remember on good days. Good hair days. Good outfit days. Good commute days. Good work days. Days when I get to sleep in. Have time to work out. Save hundreds at a favorite store. Can find the remote, house keys AND car keys. And so on.

But on the hard days, or even just particularly eh days, it's not as easy. When I'm running late. The baby has cried for what seems like hours. When there is a torrential downpour outside. Piles of laundry and dirty dishes strewn about. I'm sick. When nothing in my closet seems to fit anymore. Bad eating days. When I'm stressed. And so on.

On those days, I struggle with keeping things in perspective. I struggle with my usual optimism. It's sometimes really difficult to remember that bad moments or days don't mean a bad life. That the storm will pass. The stress will subside. I can and will do important things.  Things will become clearer. Everything will work out. I am important.

Because after all, today is a great day; life is beautiful; and I am loved.

Every single day. 

Not only on the good days. On the not-as-good ones, too...