The "B" word (the wedding kind)

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Happy Wedding Wednesday! It's been forever since I've posted anything wedding planning and wedding-related but I realize I've never written about this:

So you got engaged and you've set a date. What now? The budget is probably the most important wedding planning logistic. 

A recently-engaged friend of mine asked me about how much a wedding costs. This is difficult to answer because everyone's budget and location is different, and location matters a lot (i.e. the average wedding in NYC costs $78,464 versus $19,522 in Arkansas). I advised her to think about vendors, to utilize the Knot's price range tool, and not to be shy to ask for any sort of discounts that might apply to you. Hey, 10% is 10% and it surely adds up when each of your vendors is offering it to you.

Think about what vendors you want to use and what your budget for each is. If family is helping you financially, be sure to find out what their budget is, too, so you don't go in over your head. 

When thinking of the many vendors, the main ones I was sure to book first were:
Bridal boutique/dress store
Ceremony location, if different from venue
Photo Booth, etc.

Then there are the other moving pieces:
Wedding Cake (this is sometimes included in the venue package)
Decor, DIY projects, etc.
Bridal/Groom Party Presents
Rehearsal Dinner 

It is SO easy to go overboard and over budget. 45% of couples do. So, my #1 piece of advice would be to be very mindful of your budget and try your very best to stay within it (after all, the most important aspect of the day is the marriage, not the wedding). You won't regret it.