A Sunday well spent

You know that saying "A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"? It might be cheesy but for me, it rings true. When I think about Sundays, I think relaxation, unwinding, and recharging for the upcoming week. I don't always get a lazy Sunday so when I do it's a treat. Yesterday was that day. I think all of us could benefit from one every now and again. A recipe for a Sunday well spent for me is:

Sleeping in 
10AM is sleeping in nowadays and it felt glorious yesterday. Me without sleep isn't very pretty or happy so I try to get as much sleep as I can. Being a mom makes it a little more difficult now but yesterday was an exception -- we all stayed in bed longer.  

AKA no plans/ staying in/ possibly being in PJs all day. 

Catching up on movies or shows
Tim and I actually got to start AND finish a movie (The Impossible--I recommend) in the same day. That, my friends, is a rarity these days. 

Being productive
Just because I want to lounge around doesn't mean I don't want to actually DO anything. This weekend I really wanted to try to get the baby to fall sleep in his crib and it happened, tear-free (for him) and all! I might or might not have cried after he fell asleep clinging his teddy...because it's just crazy how fast he's grown, and I am and always have been an emotional person. I'm definitely going "that" mom who cries at school events...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time to me!!! We had a pretty similar weekend and it was glorious.