A love like this

You won't hear me complaining about today being just another day or simply a Hallmark holiday. Valentine's Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It wasn't about romantic love until I was much older. Growing up, it was about the love of family and friends, which I believe are foundational and deserve to be celebrated. So I'm excited to celebrate with my husband, our newest little love, and family.

This year is extra special because it's our first as parents. Through it all, my husband has shown me how strong of a love we have--after all, it gave us our biggest blessing. He's been my right hand, my left hand and even both hands at times. He steps in when I need a break or steps away if I want some extra cuddles with my boy. Parenthood has not been easy on our marriage but it's been more than worth it. And it has bonded us in a way nothing else could ever have. There's no one else I'd rather have to live this wild adventure with. 

This year is also extra special because of the baby boy who made us said parents. I hate to sound cliché but I really never have known a love like this. It's the kind that keeps me up way past my bedtime to soothe him and rock him to sleep. It's the kind that wakes me in the middle of the night, sometimes only once and other times five. It's the kind that makes me cry when I realize I'm living my dream. It's the kind that makes me want to stay in together, just because. It's the kind that knows no boundaries, limits or conditions. It's the "love at first sight" kind of love that I never really believed in and that I now know is real. It's the kind that pushes me and challenges me, completes me and has transformed me into my best self.

I can't promise him many things in this crazy life but of this I am sure: no one will ever love him more. ❤

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