What I want for Christmas

Merry Christmas Week!

I've never really celebrated this but I think this year is the perfect year to begin, with a baby and political tensions and all. Now, for me, Christmas is family time and love and sheer joy. It's about getting family and friends together. Love and laughter. It's hot cocoa with marshmallows and the smell of our pine tree. Sitting by the fireplace watching movies or listening to jingles. It's excitement and sheer joy. 

You see, Christmas is about so much more than the presents under the tree. (This realization is one that took me growing up to truly realize.) So it should come of no surprise that I don't really want much this year. After all, I have my health and my loved ones. What more could a gal want?? 

Well, there are some nonmaterialistic and more sentimental "presents" I'd like:

Coffee. All. The. Coffee. Parent life is tiring in itself. Put together with working full time and it's exhausting. Though it remains my favorite role in the universe, I need lots of coffee to get through my days. I didn't drink any during pregnancy but now that I'm back to normal intake, I get headaches on days I go without. Not good, I know. But it's necessary and I try my best to limit how many cups I drink. 

Girlfriends in gold. For my friends' wedding, us bridesmaids were in gold sparkly dresses. We all felt like princesses and our different but similar dresses looked great together. I think we should have dress up days with each other, or just girls nights every so often. Life gets hectic and spending time with one another has become more of a feat.

The experience of Christmas magic with my baby boy. I simply can not put into mere words how much joy having him with us this year brings. I can't. Because it's so, so much joy. To say I'm excited for waking up Christmas morning with him and watching him "open" and play his presents is an understatement. 

Football for the family. This blanket made by my husband's friends' mom is our family in one. The Mr. roots for Michigan and I, of course, my alma mater PSU. We're excited for the bowl games and to have something that includes both of our teams so our little one doesn't have to choose...any time soon, anyway. 

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  1. It really is amazing how much more magical this time of year is with a little one. :)