Through the Years

This year brought the biggest and very best change: mommyhood.

As I'm preparing to enter the new year with new goals and a not-so-much-new but modified life plan, I've found myself reflecting on the past few years. During my reflection, I came back to my blog to read my old posts. It's always nice to read about where I've been, where I'm at now, and where I'd like to be in the near future. 

While reading some of the posts, they still resonated with me. Even though life is a bit different now, I was still inspired and touched by them. Those life lessons and times have served as a guide for me at one point or another. 

Before I set life and blog goals for 2017, I figured it'd be the opportune time to share some of my all-time favorite posts with you. I'm starting with my very first post because it's gotten me here, it's representative of the reason I started the blog (long distance), and it shows how far I've come since then.

It's pretty neat reading how much life has changed throughout the years, just as it is to see how much these succulents have grown since my baby shower.

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I do. As always, thank you for reading and supporting this ever-evolving writing space of mine. Cheers to much peace, love and growth--both personal and professional- in the new year! xoxo