The best gift

I once asked my dad what his favorite part of fatherhood was. His answer: seeing how happy my brother and I were on Christmas morning opening the presents he and my mom, I mean Santa, bought us.

Since Sebby's birth my dad has often said, "Everyday is like Christmas now, isn't it?" I suppose he now sees how genuinely excited and happy being a mom makes me and in turn, it is an extension of his favorite part of fatherhood. 

This year, I am reminded of the best gift: love. My little love of my life, who was born from my and my husband's love. The same love that has given me so much joy and has gotten me through so much in life. My parents' love for molding me into the mom I am today. The love of all of our family and friends who have been an amazing support system. 

Here's to wishing you are all surrounded by much love during the holidays, and always. 

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! 
Love, my family and me 

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