Oh Christmastime, Oh Christmastime

This weekend was full of all things Christmasy. Sebastian visited Santa for his first time and did so well. He (unlike Santa...) even smiled for some photos!

We also went Christmas tree and decor shopping. Our tree decor will be red, green and metallics. My husband came up with the color scheme, which I was excited about because I love when he's in the Christmas spirit with me. 

Don't let this photo fool you--we didn't buy a fake tree. I always had a real tree growing up and we've decided to stick with that tradition. Nothing beats the look and smell of a real Christmas tree!

When it was time to take our 6-7' Frasier tree home, we realized it was the first time having one on top of our own car. Last year, we bought ours together with my parents so we piled both trees on top of my dad's car. 

This week, we'll decorate our tree and get ready to host friends for a Christmas get together this weekend. Having Sebastian with us this year is an absolute dream come true. We've spoken about how much more fun and exciting Christmas would be when we have kids. Even this time before the actual holiday has been so full of joy.