A weekend to recharge

Our weekend was so relaxing. It wasn't really planned that way, though. Originally, we had big plans for Saturday. We were set to host our friends for a Secret Santa Christmas get together but a couple of them didn't feel well so we decided to call it off. 

To say I was bummed is an understatement. I had ideas for Christmas-themed dessert stations and even a photo booth. But alas, health always comes first. I understood that my friends wanted to stay home to get better--and not get the baby or our pregnant friend sick. 

So instead, on Saturday, we headed to brunch up the block--something we hadn't done in a while. I wrapped some presents. My husband and I picked up around the house. We played with Seb, listened to Christmas music, and watched movies.  

In the middle of a cup of coffee on Sunday, I thought to myself "these are my favorite weekends." The ones full of simple quality time spent with loved ones. And now I feel recharged and ready to take on this week. Here's to hoping your week is off to a bright start, too (regardless of the cold/rain/snow I know many of us are experiencing)!

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