Happy 5-4-3-2-1

5. I have an exciting package in the mail to review and post about. I've been wanting it for forever so I'm genuinely looking forward to posting about it. 

4. I'm celebrating a non-scale victory: I am (squeezed) back into my size 2 jeans. It's a reminder that I just needed to give myself time and grace. It really is amazing that I've lost 40+ pounds in four and a half months. 

3. Work has kept me busy and given me ways to deal with the post-election stress. It helps that I find myself in meetings with like-minded and concerned colleagues. It lets me know I'm not just being paranoid in my fears. Living in NYC helps, too, because I see both good in people and I'm surrounded by diversity. Win-win. 

2. The weather has been super mild and sunny, as seen in the photo above. I just love sunny fall days. I love summer and all, but this time of the year is my absolute favorite. Thanksgiving is in less than a week, which means Christmastime is right around the corner! I usually indulge in all things Christmas by this time but I think parenthood has taught me not to rush time. I'm looking forward to spending and dressing for the holidays as a little family.  

1. Slow-dancing this morning with my husband and baby boy reminded me just how important little moments are. I usually don't get much time with the baby in the morning so it was nice to have those moments. It goes without saying but love them so much my heart could explode. 

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  1. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week! This year has flown by.