Despite the ugly, life is beautiful

This past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Family time. A wedding to celebrate love and dance the night away with loved ones. A visit to a farm for pumpkin picking and hay riding. It was the perfect amount of carefree sprinkled in with love, laughter and good times. 

The past few weeks, on the other hand, have not been as carefree. They've been sort of a roller coaster. I've cried lots--many happy and sad tears--from going back to work to figuring out finances to some sad news. I'm an emotional person so it should come of no surprise. I've also found my mind wandering. 

Wondering what's next. Thinking about the worst case scenario. Feeling stressed and broken and yet whole and the happiest I've ever been. Asking why and how and when. 
Why can't everything just be great?
When will there be change? 
When will everything be better? 
When will the weight be lifted? 

I'm obviously very focused on the when--because knowing that tidbit would make me feel a whole lot better. But that's not the reality of life, most of the time, anyway. 

Then, there's politics and a presidential candidate who's attempting to normalize discrimination and sexual assault. I can't believe these are still issues in 2016. It's scary. I digress. 

If I sit and really think about it, life is scary and hard. There can be moments of rejection. Violation. Abandonment. Bad news. Heartbreak. Now, don't get me wrong--no one said life is easy. After all, what worthwhile things are? Life is messy and confusing. It can hurt and be a sad reality. 

But it can also be so amazingly wonderful and full of hope--that's what looking at the world through a fresh set of eyes with a little one has reminded me. 

Despite the ugly, life is really, really beautiful. 

So don't get stuck on the negatives. Learn from them. Embrace them and move on from them. Look for the positives. Reach for them and hold onto them. Because this life--it's worth it all. The good, the bad, the ugly... Because the happy and beauty are just around the corner. And those are surely worth it.

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  1. I agree! It's so important to focus on the positives and not the negatives all the time.