Time was our only obstacle

It has been a little over two years since Tim got out of the Navy and joined me in civilian life. Basically, it's been two years since we really started our life together. 

Recently, while sorting through boxes, I came across an old calendar I had given him when we were still in a long distance relationship.

Each month had a different quote (authors unknown). Put together, they read:

"No one comes to you by accident. There is no such thing as coincidence. I know the circumstances and I've accepted them. Loving you is worth all of it. And though sometimes you have to be apart from your love... Being apart doesn't make you love any less. Sometimes you love more. Our life together will be worth waiting for. Time is our only obstacle. And like all things it too shall pass. The day will come when we will be together like we have planned. And that is surely worth the wait." 

Looking through the calendar brought me back down memory lane at how new and strong our love for one another was  despite the thousands of miles between us. It laid the foundation for the even stronger love we share now. And it'd made me extra  grateful to be living our life together today.