If we go on a coffee date

I'd probably tell you that I gave up coffee during my pregnancy (except a frappucino I had) and now indulge in it a bit less. 

I'd most definitely speak about our baby Sebastian and how amazing he is, how much he's changed since birth and how bittersweet that is. 

I'd tell you motherhood is no walk in the park (despite how many literal walks in the park I've taken with him) but that it is my dream come true. He is my dream come true. 

I'd divulge that I have mixed feelings that it is September and almost fall. I love the cool weather and the fun activities this time of year brings but (and it's a BIG but) I'm sad my maternity leave ends this season. 

I'd let you know that I'm living in the present more. Sure, I daydream of next year's Disney World vacation and a Santorini vacation sometime after that but for now, I'm loving the everyday joys. 

I'd be excited to share with you that I'm planning Sebastian's Baptism, which I'm excited for. It felt surreal going to the Baptism parents class... and I just hope we both fit in our outfits.

I'd say thank you for your time and company!