What's going on

Moving in
We began our move-in process last weekend but it's just that--a process. Being 9+ months pregnant and all, I'm not much help, which is frustrating at times. I did build the baby's Halo bassinet with the help of family so that was nice. We were hoping to be fully moved in by tomorrow but this upcoming weekend/week seems like a much more realistic goal.

Surprise 3D/4D ultrasound 
Last week when we went in for an appointment, we were surprised with a 3D/4D glimpse of our babe! I won't be sharing the photo because I'd like to keep some things a surprise but he is absolutely adorable and perfectly plump, and we're so grateful that he's ours. 

Hot weather
The temperatures have warmed up here and while it can be uncomfortable as a pregger, I still can't complain. I just love summertime and that is not changing--any time soon, at least. 

Wrapping up at work
It's hard to believe I have only a couple more weeks in the office before I begin working from home and then begin maternity leave. Fortunately, I've thought ahead and hopefully won't leave any loose ends for my fill-in. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be a mom?! Yes, yes I have. I just can't help repeating it ;)

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  1. You look fantastic!!! We are having our 3D/4D ultrasound in a few weeks and I can't wait to see this little girl!