Nusery Design Board

As I've alluded to before, we're still unsure whether the baby will have his own room. Not because we don't have a spare bedroom--we do and specifically wanted one so we could have a nursery--but because we're unsure whether we'd feel like he's too far away being down the hall from us. #firsttimeparentproblems 

Regardless of whether he sleeps in the room, I'd like to decorate it like a nursery. His clothes and many of his things will be in the room so it makes sense. Plus, it would allow me to make the space his. The decor is inspired by my favorite children's book and the first we read to him in my belly, Love you Forever. When Tim saw the owl blanket with the play on those words, he called me over and showed me. I was hooked from then on.  

Without further ado--our nursery design board:
Inline image 1


  1. I love your ideas! We have Emmy's room almost finished and even though she will be in our room for the first few weeks (or months) of her life we wanted her to have a space as well. :)

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