Life has already changed

People often say that life is about to drastically change when you have a child. While I'm sure that's true, life has already changed quite a bit during pregnancy. The changes can be found in minute daily tasks or in more fundamental ways. For example, the other morning on my way to work I realized I cross the street differently. I look before crossing multiple times. I hesitate if the light is about to turn green. 

I eat differently. I eat more often and make sure to drink lots of water, especially now that it's summertime. I've taken my prenatal everyday since around one month before conception.

I gave up running during pregnancy, per doctor's orders. Instead, I walk. I walk to the train station. Up the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. Across the Brooklyn Bridge. Around the park. 

I listen to my body more. If I'm feeling weird (like my stomach virus) or in too much pain (my round ligament pain was BAD), I call my doctor. I ask about the lumps and rashes. I wait for baby kicks and nudges to reassure me everything's okay. 

I worry more. About the baby and his health. About how I'll do at the whole mom thing. About raising a smart, loving, respectful person in this sometimes cruel and hard-to-navigate world. 

I care more about someone else. In January when I had my stomach virus, I called the doctor and went to the ER as told to do because I cared about the baby's health. To be honest, if I wasn't pregnant I'd have probably toughed it out at home. When I had round ligament pain, I called the doctor and went to see him because I cared about the baby's health. I could care less that my abs were actually potentially being ripped apart. In a way, I already live for him. It's a strange grandeos feeling but it just kicked in the moment I found out I was pregnant.  

I'm happier. I find myself feeling on cloud nine more often than not. I sometimes can't imagine what life was like before being pregnant, before knowing he is ours forever and ever. My husband told me he recently finds himself thinking about how much he loves life. I feel the same. 

It's pretty amazing how much a tiny human can change your life--all for the better. 

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  1. It really is so important to listen to your body especially during pregnancy. My doctor told me as long as I felt good running I could keep doing it and I'm glad it worked out that way.