Last weekend of June

Who else is utterly surprised the last weekend of June 2016 is over? That means we have less than a week until our due date! This weekend was supposed to consist of relaxation and a date night.

We did the first on Saturday when we relaxed at the beach with family. The northeast U.S. Atlantic Ocean coast might not be the prettiest but I still feel lucky to live near the ocean. 

Then, on Sunday we decided to chance it (with me being 39 weeks pregnant and all...) and head to Philly for my cousin's wedding. Yes, I wore heels. Who said pregnancy fashion has to be boring?

We also received all of our maternity photos. I am in love with them--big 'ol bump, double chins and all. Here's another sneak peek:
 Jennifer Larsen Photography

I'll share some more later on this week :) 

Now, back to work I go. Luckily, I work from home this week and then maternity leave kicks in. This all still feels surreal to me!


  1. You look beautiful! I can't believe June is almost over.

  2. Love the ocean! I grew up on the Atlantic coast and love it! Summer goes by way too fast!