Dear summer

Dear Summer, 

Though our fall and winter were mild, I've waited for you for nearly a year. See you are my favorite season of all. And now, I have even more of a reason to look forward to you: the arrival of a #alittlelewis! 

I'm excited for long walks to and on the beach. For dipping my toes in the ocean. For breezy nights spent outside chatting. For bbq's and even maybe a mini vacation or two.

I'm really looking forward to maternity leave (maybe a post coming about this in the near future). To spend it with the baby and the Mr., my favorite guys in the whole wide world (along with my dad and brother, of course). 

Side note: speaking of my favorite guys, yesterday was Father's Day and I'd be remiss to mention how amazing of a dad I have and how amazing of a dad I know Mr. l will be. 

Summer, I'm excited for the fireworks and the strolls around gardens and parks. I'm excited for all the fresh blooms. 

Basically, I'm looking forward to it all. 


  1. Yay for summer! It's already ridiculously hot and humid here but I am loving it.

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