Snail Mail Announcement

Remember when I blogged about our Christmas card? Well, what you didn't see was the bottom part that I'd cut off.

Here is how we let most of our family and friends know we're expecting:

The bottom says: 
& Happy New Year! 
The best gifts don't come from under a tree. 
Love, Our Soon-to-be Family of 3

If the recipient wasn't reading carefully they just might miss the message... Like one of my sorority sisters who thought it meant ::wait for it:: we were announcing that we were getting a dog! This was particularly funny to me because 1) I have no desire to (ever) own a dog (this is a point of contention between Tim, a dog lover, and me...) and 2) I'm pretty sure I would not make a card announcement even if we were getting one. 

Needless to say, we had a good laugh while on the phone after she thought my Facebook pregnancy announcement was the first time she was finding out.

What are your favorite pregnancy announcements? If you're pregnant or have been, how did you announce it? 


  1. Very cute! One of Mac's cousins and hubby announced their third baby on the back of the 2014 card (so if you didn't flip it over, you missed it).

  2. Haha! That's too funny about the dog. We announced using cookies since our last name is Cook and we called the baby Cookie the entire time she was 'baking' on the inside :)