Happy Mr. L's Favorite Month

The first day of a month always feels refreshing. Like a brand new start, a new beginning. This month is a special one. We have lots of exciting things going on: 

- My grandma's birthday 
- My best friend's engagement party
- Anniversary photos (can you believe it's almost been 11 months already?!) 
- A potential Penn State visit
- Mr. L's and my dad's birthdays!
- Halloween 

Of course, in between there'll be an apple- and pumpkin-picking trip... This season is my second favorite, after summer, so I'm happy to enjoy it back home with family and friends. 

I'll be doing a posting soon about our move back and how we're adjusting. 

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  1. Please enjoy some fall activities for us! Dane and I have been craving cooler weather, football, pumpkin everything, leaves changing..all the stuff you don't readily get in Hawaii! :(