Bermuda... BAHAMAS ... Come on pretty mama

Last week we booked our most impromptu vacation yet. It's not for another 70-something days but it was definitely not on our radar. Our family got a great deal and we couldn't pass up another family vacation to the Bahamas (we didn't go with them in June). . . So Mr. L and I are headed to paradise early next year!

So what am I excited for? 

To see what all the talk about Atlantis is. It has been on my hotel bucketlist for a bit now. 

To frolick in a bikini and summery clothes. I know by then we'll be ready to escape the cold winter. 

To make new memories with Mr. L and family. There's nothing like being on an island together to foster bonding time. 

To see the clear, blue ocean. There's something about (clean and clear) ocean water that is just so soothing. 

Have you been to Atlantis? What are your recommendations/ suggestions?


  1. So exciting! I have heard great things about it!

  2. We went on a family trip when I was in high school and it was BEAUTIFUL! You're going to love it!