Memorial Day

I am forever thankful to the men and women who have died while serving our country. They have paid the ultimate sacrifice and deserve more than a day to remember them. 

I also understand how others could be confused by all the military holidays and want to thank all members--past, present, living, or dead--for their service. I didn't do so because I've educated myself on the differences. But does that mean I should get annoyed or upset at others who don't know? Or perhaps they do know and still want to thank all veterans. 

Yesterday, I told my family that it wasn't a day to wish someone a "Happy Memorial Day" because it wasn't supposed to be happy. I even liked a status that read sarcastically to inform people of the difference between Memorial and Veterans Day. I felt a tinge of guilt as I sun bathed during the weekend and was happy to be having a long weekend. 

Then my husband read me a status this morning posted by a veteran about not wanting to be thanked yesterday and I changed my mind about it all. 

I get it. Thanking veterans is what Veteran's Day is for. But would the founders and all those memorialized want the negativity surrounding the debate?

People often observe and/or celebrate holidays in ways not originally intended and it's okay. Take Christmas, my favorite holiday ever ever ever, and how commercialized it's become. How many people truly celebrate it as Jesus' birthday? 

I'm not trying to stir debate or argue--I do enough of that as an attorney! I just think thanking all veterans is better than thanking none.🇺🇸

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  1. I love this! I had to lay low from social media yesterday because of all the derogatory posts about Memorial Day and that it should not be celebrated. I said to Kyle today that those who paid the ultimate sacrifice would not want people to sit around and mope, they would want them to celebrate the freedom that they fought for which includes laughing and having fun.