Bicyclin' with Bae

As I told you earlier this week, last Saturday marked six months of marriage for Tim and me.  How did we celebrate? By hopping out of bed and onto bikes! It was must first time riding a bicycle in as long as I can remember--I'm serious. I'm thinking the last time was during early junior high but I'm not sure. 

Let me tell you guys and gals -- it was SO much fun! I almost had a few mishaps but thankfully no pedestrians were harmed during my ride. And I escaped unscathed. We then finished the day at the beach. It's our happy place and having it just a block away is a blessing. (On a slightly unrelated note: the leggings are now my favorite things ever. I'd wanted a similar pair from Lululemon and walked into the store a couple times but could not bring myself or justify to my husband spending $108 on leggings. Thank for Forever21 for this steal!)

Sunday was spent studying and doing school work. We then went out to dinner at a newer spot in our neighborhood.  I had my first chicken and waffles experience: chicken in waffle batter with spicy maple dipping sauce. Can you say AMAZINGGGGG? We are definitely going back to check out their brunch soon. 

Time and time again we say how happy we are to be living our newlywed life in such a bustling--but not overwhelming--city. We're so excited to have my brother and cousin here this long weekend for some Midwestern fun!

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