Lessons of a Phoneless Gal

This gal has a (pretty and new) phone again. Prior to getting my iPhone 6 on Monday, however, I went nearly one month without a phone. It was surprisingly liberating and not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It actually taught me a few lessons:

1. It is okay--and kind of nice--to be disconnected from the world sometimes. 

2. Social media does not need to be updated or checked on every few minutes, hours--or even days. 

3. Being "disconnected" allows you to be really present in the world--and that's an amazing thing. 

4. Not every piece of food or date night needs to be photographed. Just because I wasn't documenting everything doesn't mean it wasn't happening or that I wasn't enjoying life. 

5. It's not impossible to share a phone. Tim let me use his a lot and it was pretty doable and convenient.

6. Life without cell phones how we have them today (AKA mini computers) wouldn't be the worst thing...

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  1. I don't mind forgetting my phone at home every now and then. It is nice. :)