1. I'm still here in blogland. Work, life and wedding planning have taken all of my time. I think once wedding planning is over, I'll be here much more :)
2. I used to/ still might say "Hi, hello" when answering the telephone. Weird, I know but it's a habit.
3. A person in D.C. might be infected with Ebola and that scares me because a) the disease doesn't have a cure; b) D.C. is closer to Chicago than Texas; and c) we have lots of flights coming up.
4. Tonight is our last night of studio living. I'm kind of sad because this was my first adult apartment. It's where I learned how to [be okay that I] live alone. It was my first home in Chicago.
5. Speaking of Chicago, it's pretty chilly and windy today here. AND I LOVE IT. Because I LOVE FALL.
6. I bought Tim's wedding bands (as in two) last night and they are blingin'... Yes, I talked the man into diamonds.
7. I visited Penn State a couple weekends ago and it made me so nostalgic but also so happy that my baby brother is there getting to experience all that I did. 
Until next time,