How a Day Goes from Good to Horrible to Okay

1. You go to the dentist.

2. You find out you need a root canal --or two.

3. You find out your dental insurance is pretty crappy and you'll have to pay lots of money for said root canal(s).

4. Your "spill-proof" water bottle opens in your purse and creates a puddle.

5. You realize your phone is in your purse and hurry to take it out.

6. Your phone will not turn on.

I almost broke down and cried right there on a main avenue. But then I remembered life was okay-it's okay. And Tim was home waiting for me. Words can't express how grateful I was in those moments to know Tim was home--with dinner already cooked.

When I got home and told him what happened, he put his jeans on. I asked him what he was doing... He was going to the store to buy a bag of rice to try to salvage my phone. He never ceases to amaze me. (My phone is still in rice since it has to be in there for 24 hours.)

Cheers to having the most amazing life partner. And cheers to that partner who bought us Garth Brook tickets for tonight. This evening will certainly be better. And life with T will be great no matter how shitty my evenings can get.


  1. Sorry for the crappy day but yay for seeing Garth Brooks, he is so amazing live!

  2. Awww! T for the win! No wonder I didn't get a response from you :)

  3. Hope the root canal goes well! I wound up having to have three on the same tooth. Always good that he's around to make things better :)