Wedding Worries

I'm so excited our dresses have all arrived. It makes it much more real that the wedding is happening soon! And it's one less thing to worry about! 

Throughout the wedding planning process we've had some questions/concerns that continue to pop up...

Will we have as many people as we've guaranteed? The biggest issue with this is that Tim's family is from Michigan and so we're counting on many of them to make the trip to NJ but we also realize it just might not be feasible for some.

What will our first dance song be? We already know our entrance song, some cocktail hour songs and what our wedding music will be (modern and Spanish) but the first dance song has proven to be a really difficult choice to make. We've been torn for a while. The one song we know we will not be choosing is John Legend's All of Me because I'm pretty sure it's probably been every other first dance song since it's been released. 

Should we do platters or a set menu for our rehearsal dinner? We'll be having a cocktail hour, sit-down menu, and open bar for our wedding so I know our guests will be more than content then. As for the rehearsal, hundreds of dollars can be saved going the platter route. A set menu is more formal but I really want it to be more of a gathering/party than a sit-down dinner so as of now, I'm leaning towards platters. 

...Our honeymoon USED to be a worry but we couldn't be more excited now that we've 100% decided on our final location (will be blogged about as soon as we finish booking)! 

Just a few more months until our bags are packed and adorned with these fun luggage tags:

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