On the Go

I have a confession: I have not sat down at my laptop to draft a blog post in as long as I can remember. I've been writing them mainly on my cell phone while on the go. In fact, I started drafting this post while on my cell in the airport. 

The fact that I do this is symbolic of my on-the-go life... and weekend home. Getting home on the 3rd was the most hectic part. My flight was cancelled but I managed to get myself from standby to confirmed on the ONLY JetBlue flight home...and got $75 credit, too! 

Family came over for a bit for our washed-out 4th of July and then I got to relax. On the 5th of July, I ran the Color Run with my not-so-little brother; went to brunch with my girlfriends ...and Lucy Liu;) (as in she was eating with friends a couple tables over); and went to a big family barbecue. We woke at 6:30am for family breakfast before I left on Sunday. And then I flew back home to do laundry, get some food, clean up, and get ready for the week. 

I've found that I'm sometimes happiest when busy--emphasis on sometimes;) This weekend was one of those times. It was no surprise to me, then, that I was exhausted yesterday. So I napped and when I awoke, I noticed the sun going down. I figured it was a beautiful evening to see the sunset here for the first time but I also  wanted to workout. So I went for a run. The Lakefront has become my favorite place to run and last night's run reminded me of the great choice I made by moving here. 


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! :) Love the photos.

  2. That color run looked so fun via instagram! Lunch with Lucy Liu? How awesomely posh! ;)