I'm headed to the airport in a few short hours and, admittedly, I'm really excited. Yes, to go home. But also just to be at an airport. For me, airports are connected with such positive memories, namely my visits around the world, and especially reunions with Tim. It's also the perfect place for my wanderlust self. 

I love looking around at everyone, wondering where they're going. It fascinates me that at any given time hundreds of people are headed on the same plane from the same city to another  same city at the same time. Imagine how mind blown I was when I found myself on the same roundtrip NY-Hawaii flights with the same girl after a 12-day visit! (It's happened to me on shorter trips too but it just seems more likely to happen on long weekends.)

And then there is everyone else flying anywhere--the Caribbean, Alaska, India, South Africa... The constant business of airports never ceases to amaze me. 

To me, airports represent adventure. My adventures when living in Europe when I hopped on planes almost every weekend. My family vacation adventures to Disney World, California, Domnician Republic, Aruba and so on. My adventure to China after I graduated college. My adventure to Mexico for spring break. And my long distance adventure with Tim. Picking each other up and dropping each other off. The smiles, tears, laughs, hellos, see you laters. 

So today, when I get to the airport I'll (begrudgingly) buy some overpriced food, I'll grab a seat and I'll read another Gillian Flynn book I've started. And I'll people watch -- wondering where in the world and why so many others are going where they're going...

{Happy Fourth! God Bless the USA!}


  1. I love airports, just the mix of people is amazing to me.

  2. Have a great trip - happy 4th!