Cheers to a 4-Day Week

The weather here on the lakefront in Chicago feels a lot more like that of foggy Sam Francisco. Thankfully, the fog let up and the sun shone through blue skies this weekend. Don't get too happy for me, though -- it's back to it's foggy ways today. Once again, polar vortex, you're the worst.  

On Saturday, I made a new brunch dish--Nutella Almondmeal. Check back for the recipe soon! I then finished honeymoon shopping, including these new bathing suits.  
Did I tell you we're now going to South America?? I know, I know, we can't seem to settle on a destination but for good reason--we want to make it truly unforgettable. An update will be coming your way shortly after the details are figured out. 

Sunday, I managed to get out of bed early, run 4.2 miles (and get a weird tan while doing so), grab a smoothie and food from Jamba Juice, tan on my roof, and do laundry all by 1:15pm. That run-on is symbolic of my morning and early afternoon: Go-go-go. 

I then decided to treat myself to some wings and Mac from a supposed Chicago favorite. This is my kind of feast-for-one:

No I didn't eat it all. But I ate a lot, which was obviously followed by a food coma nap. 

And now I just have to get through this crazy 4-day week and then I'll be leavin' on a jet plane! How was your weekend?


  1. Yay for a short week and the new honeymoon sounds awesome!

  2. South America?! I'm looking forward to hearing about it!