A Week of Conquering Feats

Earlier this week, I woke up like this ... Really. Having thick hair is sometimes a pleasure because I can just put my hair in a bun and wake up with curls/waves. 

In other news, I've decided to run a 10k in July so I've started training. Not too shabby for my first time running that far if I may say so myself. 

That was much needed after my food coma the day before from dinner and dessert with a girlfriend. 

I'm still trying to find my balance between healthy eating and enjoying my sweets. It's a tough feat but I'm determined to figure it out. 

Speaking of tough feats, this week was the third and final day of one of my trials--all that was left were closing arguments. Once the defense'a argument started, I have to admit I was nervous. He was so animated--I hadn't really planned on being animated myself. But then it came to be my turn and boy, did I zone in, let go and just have fun while conquering the argument. It was a great reminder of why I love to practice in a courtroom and why I chose this profession. 

My red lips helped me to conquer the day, too;)

Happy Friday to you and you and you!

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