Still Here!

As I was laying in bed last night listening to country love songs (I'm such a romantic, this I know) I realized I haven't posted in the longest time I've gone without posting since Summer 2012. I don't feel guilty about it, though, because it's honestly being freeing not having to plan what I want to express. It's nice to come here when I have something of significance, or at least substance to put on this here lovely blog of mine. Plus, life has kept me pretty busy these last few weeks. Since I've been MiA lately a few exciting things have happened:

1.  I have my abs (mostly) back. I won't post my photo here but my lifting + 30-minute 500 calorie cardio workouts probably have something to do with it. I've not eaten the best the past week -- a much needed Trader Joe's trip is needed this weekend!

2. My cousin (who's more like my sister)/ MOH was in town MDW and we had the greatest time. We were out and about everyday. We've missed each other a lot since I've moved so it was a much-needed us weekend! She also planned on buying me Loubies for the wedding (because she and her mom are crazy!!! and so giving) but I successfully stalled our shopping trip and I think I've convinced her to save the money because she's spending more than enough on the wedding shower. Love that girl and her mom so much!

3. Tim's EOS date might be really, really soon. Talk about SURREAL. If you'd have told me 3 1/2 years the time would go this quickly I'd probably tell you to STFU... in the nicest way possible ;)

4. The warmer weather seems like it is finally here to stay!!! Chicago in the spring is like a different city. Everyone was right. Oh, and living a block from the beach -- I love it already. Sunday was spent at the beach and, aside from sunburn on skin I apparently missed with my sunblock, it was blissful. 

5. For those of you who don't know me personally (even though you probably know more about me than the average person I meet ...) you wouldn't know I nap a lot. Like almost every evening after work. Well, the past few days I have not and it has felt like a huge accomplishment. I swear I'm an adult, really!

6. Wedding planning is still underway. Our photo booth is in the process of being booked. And more decor is in the process of being decided on and bought. Invites will be ordered shortly after T moves here.  Favors are still up in the air but we have time to decide!