Life's a Pseudo Egg Hunt

I  was scrolling through my "us" tumblr page recently and it was like taking a trip down cyber memory lane. While doing so, I happened upon an Easter care package I'd made for Timmy back in 2012. He was so excited to get it and it was pretty fun to make!! 

I basically made it an egg hunt in a box. There were regular Easter eggs and football eggs filled with candy, some of his favorite candies (war heads) scattered about, his favorite cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch), a stuffed bunny, little notes and a card from me. All on top of Easter "grass."


I've also realized that life is like an egg hunt -- you never definitively know what will come of your choices and experiences. We pick our eggs hoping to get a yummy candy or money from our choice, just as we hope with the life choices we make. Being a long distance military spouse all these years (especially around the holidays) has had its challenges but Skype, a great support system, and Tim have made the distance seemingly disappear at times. 

Cheers to our last Easter apart! 
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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