Happy Where I'm Planted

I finally remembered to tune in to CNN's Chicagoland last night. In fact, I delayed my late-night workout just to watch it. And I'm so glad I did. It made me so proud to be living here, to do the job I do. In one scene, the police commissioner stated "Chicago is like Manhattan on a lake." I couldn't agree more. Except it's cleaner, has less people... and a bigger gang problem. The comparison to NYC is what gave me the confidence to move to the new city, by myself. I loved the skyline and I loved walking around downtown when visiting. Surely, I figured, I could get accustomed to living here if I've lived elsewhere, especially NYC. 

These days, I'm proving myself more and more right. Though I still get pangs of homesickness and wish I had more family and friends here, I don't regret the decision. It's allowed me to grow professionally and personally exponentially--in ways I can't even imagine otherwise. 
I choose to be happy about my move here because I would be selling myself short if I chose to mope. Instead of being sad of what or who I don't have here, I choose to explore the city with new friends and coworkers. 
I can't put my finger on "why" but I feel such a connected to this city in the six months (on the 28th) that I've lived here. One thing I know for sure is wherever life takes me next, I will never find another Chicago. I fall more in love with the city with each passing day.


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