Halfway{ish} There!

We're halfway {give or take some} from the last time we've seen each other to the time we'll next be reunited/ LIVE TOGETHER!!!
When I tell people that the next time I'll see T is this summer when he moves here, they are shocked. At first, I don't understand it. What's another 7 months when we've got the REST OF OUR LIVES? Oh, and puh-lease we've been here and done this before when he was deployed. We're p-r-o-s. 
But then I realize not everyone knows what's it's like. Not everyone is willing to do distance. Not everyone believes their relationship--and sanity--can withstand such an obstacle.
To T and me, this has become our normal over the years. Time differences. Being separated by oceans. Skype instead of in-person dates. Years of hellos and see you laters. It has all become a part of us, of our relationship, of ourselves and our outlooks on things. It's allowed us to grow as individuals and as a team.

Back in 2011, I was on the other side of the fence. I thought this was impossible. Live apart from my boyfriend? For months at a time?? Thousands of miles away? Heck no! And then we took the leap of faith. We decided our love was bigger than the ocean that would separate us. We were happy with our respective lives, he with the Navy and me with law school and a hopeful career. 
I find solace in others' long distance love stories just as others have told me they find inspiration in ours. It warms my heart to be others' "proof" that pursuing your own career and having distance in a relationship while doing so is okay--that a relationship can actually thrive under those circumstances. It makes me proud wen others ask me for advice--how I did it, how I do it, how it feels.
I always remind them--it's worth it. And it's possible.  
Just look at Tim and me.


Speaking of being halfway to Timmy's transition to the Reserves and civilian life, Credit Card Insider provides helpful information and resources for veterans regarding debt and the benefits of credit cards and loans. Fortunately for us, Tim's biggest priority has been to take care of all of his finances before getting out--my law school loans are more than enough for the both of us! Ha For those of you who are trying to do the same, consider visiting Credit Card Insider.