What a Love-ly Month

Happy February! I don't know how it's already February but no complaints here :)
In honor of the month of love, I am joining in on Sunday Funday and posting about our love story with you today. I recently submitted it for a contest because you never know when you just might win one (remember the Southwest and Bryant Park contest T and I won last year?!)!
Tim and I took a gamble in Vegas, and it was the best gamble ever. 
Long story short, we met in Las Vegas on January 14, 2011. Tim just got back from a deployment out to sea. I was there with my cousin and a friend for my cousin's birthday. 
When we met, we both felt a connection unlike any other. Tim therefore rescheduled his flight multiple times to stay days longer and hang out with me!
We picked up right where we left off soon after we each returned to the East Coast . . . and the rest is history. At the time, he was stationed in Virginia -- but as many of you know, he is now stationed in Hawaii. We have more than conquered the distance thus far. I've even lived with him in Hawaii for a couple of months before moving to Chicago for work, where he'll join me this summer. 
We are now engaged to be married this November and are happier than ever.
  P.S. Since we'd gotten a square chalkboard, I wanted to give it some shape 
so I drew the Pinterest-inspired shape and wrote inside of it!
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. awesome stories. I always love "LOVE Stories" and how people met. it's so great to read/hear. someone should do a link on that.

  2. Love the picture, and can't wait to see more wedding details!! :)