Getting Personal

I realize I don't really speak about myself much on here, which is kind of weird considering this is MY blog. I mainly write about my relationship, my experiences and the wedding. So last week --way past my bedtime as per usual -- I began compiling a list of random things about me.

Here goes nothing!


- I miss my long hair. I'd donate it again but I've got to admit I'm happy it's growing back quickly.

- It irritates me to go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink, so I try to avoid it by washing all of the dishes before I lay down.

- Speaking of dishes, growing up our household dishwasher was used for storage rather than washing. When we moved, Mom chose not to put one in our kitchen (she doesn't think they clean well enough). So senior year of college was my first experience using a dish washer.

- I need city life to function. A lack of diversity and public transport really throws me through a loop. When kids come, we'll probably move to suburbs for more space but until then I'll enjoy my little apartment in the center of the city.

- Baby fever is a thing. I'm looking very forward to newlywed life with Tim but we're both excited to have little mini-me's. 

- I try not waste energy but oftentimes I find that my TV is on even though I haven't been paying attention to it. I'm almost always doing something else so the TV provides more white noise than anything. 

- I still make wishes when I remember to at 11:11 and when I see a star.

- I eat "paleo" but lately that's included almost daily not-so-paleo cheat snacks. WHOOPS.

- I don't go to church nearly as often as I wish I did. I do pray, and thank and seek God a lot, though, so I hope that counts for something. 

- I'm scared of disease and death. I wish I could be one of those people who just view it as possibilities and part of life but I'm not and don't think I ever will be.

- I've never REALLY wanted a dog. I do find them super cute and think one day it's a possibily but for now-- shedding and not being able to bathe a poopy animal everyday? No thanks. Tim, on the other hand, loves dogs so good luck trying to convince me bud ;)

And now, I'm off to work and then head to the AIRPORT because I'm homeward bound!


  1. I despise going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink too!!! The dishwasher has to be empty as well as the sink haha.

  2. happy safe travels. and yea i'm the same way about the dishes. and i'm that way with my room. if it's not to my liking before i go to bed or even get in bed its a must that i clean it.

    come join the blog hop challenge.

  3. Making a wish at 11:11, what a fun idea! I've never heard of it before, but I will have to keep the concept in mind☺ Fun list, hope you had a safe trip home♥