The weekend is around the corner so it got me to thinking about why we're always looking forward to those days. By doing so we are wishing precious days away. I decided I had to stop doing this. ASAP. And then I came across Ashley's and Lauren's posts having to do with this so I decided to chime in about what I actually look forward to DURING the week: 

Daytime with Timmy
As I've mentioned before, Tim works nights. This sounds worse than it is, though, because it actually enables us to take full advantage of days here in Hawaii together. And I so happen to think the day time is the best time during the week here. We get to go on breakfast dates, shopping trips, errand runs, food adventures, and mini "road trips" ...to doctor appointments. I admit that might not sound so exciting but the views along the way sure are awesome. We also get to hang out, watch seasons of The League (I'm in one of his football fantasy leagues so it's fitting), cook lunch and prepare dinner. All in all, Tim loves working nights and I love having his company during the day. Win-win for us both! 

Me Time
When Tim leaves for work, I jump right into surfing the web, blogging, listening to music, and working out. It's pretty nice to have time to myself. I've been to the farmers market with our landlord's wife (the landlady?) and her family friends. And... I also visited and participated in a hula dancing class this week to decide whether to enroll! Let me tell you - it's harder than it looks.

I'm all for making the most of every situation and cultural immersion so I'm really enjoying the local activities.

Catching up with Family and Friends
This is a favorite of mine along with daytime with T and that's why I've saved it for last. I like to start and end on high notes. Since I'm far away from family and friends, keeping in touch is important because they're important. Technology is a huge help with this. Phone chats, Facebook, Skype - it all works wonders.

...So there you have it - that's what keeps me going during the week. My week is much more relaxed now that I have time off between school and work, so I get looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a work week... but here's to hoping you all follow suit and enjoy your everydays. It really is a beautiful thing.


  1. I can imagine that even the most basic errand is ten times better with gorgeous surroundings! So happy you played along and found some little things to enjoy!

  2. I'm so glad you are making the most of your time together! :)

  3. Agreed, you have to capitalize on every day, not just sit back and hope for weekends, even when you work a full 40+ hour week. Makes everyday that much better!

    In other awesome news, I received a Liebster Award nomination yesterday, and I'm super excited to be passing it on to you today! You can check out the post here: http://goingreenjourney.blogspot.com/2013/09/guess-who-got-liebster.html