The other day while grocery shopping I had the urge to buy something. But I had to fight the urge. 
Operation Save the Nutella 
Many people like it. I love it. And people know it. That's why Tim's step-mom once gifted me with a jar of it. Embarrassing? Maybe to some. I find it funnier than anything. Here are some reasons why I love it so much (and don't buy it because I'll eat a jar a day):
1. It's hard to resist.
I'm not kidding. I once asked my college roommate to hide my jar from me. Only to call her a few hours later begging to find out where she hid it. (She gave in, in case you were wondering.) But it shouldn't be placed in the fridge because then it'll harden. And then you'll have to go to lengths to soak it in warm water to defrost it so you can eat it (see photo above). 

2. It's finger lickin' good.
So finger lickin' good that I actually sometimes don't have the patience to look for a spoon so I eat it with my fingers ... and then lick my fingers. Gross, maybe. But if eating Nutella is gross, I don't want to be not gross. 
3. It goes with almost anything.
Pretzels. Crepes. Strawberries. Crackers. Bananas. Corn flakes - instead of milk, yep I've done it... You get the point.
So there you have it. You now can add Nutella to the list of unhealthy foods I love too much. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?


  1. Lol. This is great. I've actually never had Nutella, but that's more because I don't want to like it than anything. There are quite a few foods I've done that with. Like Twinkies, never had one. It's =Pprobably for the best. =P

  2. You also inspired my blog post for today =].

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this post! Your obsession with Nutella is one of the things I like about you :) I eat it with a spoon as well sometimes. xx

  4. I have never had Nutella! Haha.

  5. I think I'm too scared to try nutella because I know I'll be addicted!!!!
    Newest follower! :)

  6. Hello found you on that friday blog hop and followed :) Nice to meet you!

    AmeriAus Blog

  7. NUTELLA IS THE BEST!!! w/ strawberries is my fav!

  8. Dont fight it! And I support this comment above !

  9. I seriously just bought my first thing of Nutella last week and WOW! it really does go good with everything. I cut up apple pieces yesterday and my daughter and I were scooping it right up. lol. we also put it on rice cakes topped with fruit. so delicious.

  10. i tried it for the first time a mth ago. I had it on vanilla waffers and it was beyond the best stuff I've ever had. it's heaven.