Me vs. T

Timmy and I celebrated 2 years and 8 months Saturday :)
 Pokai Bay, Pililaau Army Recreation Center- Such a great, low-key beach find!!

In honor of our monthiversary, we did this little challenge to see how well we remember our relationship details. It was actually quite fun(ny):
How long have you been [together]?  
We have been together for one day shy of 2 years and 8 months - since January 14, 2011. 
Coming up on 2 years and 8 months.

Where was your first date? 
At a restaurant in NYC's Southstreet Seaport Mall. The mall sadly closed on Monday night :( 
Well, I guess our first official one was at that restaurant overlooking the water by the bridge.

Where was your first kiss?
Las Vegas.

Who said the first "I love you"?
I was technically the first one to say it, while intoxicated. He brought it up the next day and said it said sober.
Jackie, ha!

What is her most commonly used phrase?
Hmm probably "I do what I want" joking around. I'm not so sure about this one. 
"I don't care" with a thick NY accent.

Who is her celebrity crush?
I don't really have one. Channing and JT perhaps. 
Probably Channing Tatum's punk a$$.

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get? 
I would get a glass of water with lemon. Timmy would get a whiskey and coke or a beer.
She'd get a water to start and I'd get a beer and a water.

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
Fig balsamic chicken or breakfast.
The first meal she's cooked us from scratch - balsamic chicken.

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
Hamburger Helper lol.
Can't think of much - that plain oatmeal the other day wasn't too good.

What is the most-played song on her iPod?
Don't even listen to my iPod lol but I listen to country, and mainstream pop and hip hop a lot.
She barely even uses her iPod.

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
Farting to annoy me or not cleaning right after himself. 
Being a guy - being a dirtball sometimes.

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
Kiss T good night and say I love you. Probably talk to him a little after that. 
Kisses me and tells me she loves me.

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
I hope nothing!
I wouldn't. I'm not going to get caught throwing away some of her clothes - that's a death wish.

What would you say is your favorite thing about her? 
My beauty, brains and big heart - his previously used words, not mine... not that I disagree ;)
Personality. I like her. Yea, she's beautiful but there's more than that. I would say sense of humor but I don't want to give her too much credit.

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks? 
Java Chip or Mocha Cookie Crumble frappucino in summer. Peppermint Mocha latte in winter.
Java Chip frappucino.

What's her blog's name?!  
City Girl Finding Her Place in the World 
City Girl, something about finding her path and making her mark in the city living her life... This is hard because she has different names for each of her blogs. I just type in jaclara and it comes up in my web history.

And then T said: "Babe, this is taking longer than expected. I have to get ready for work soon." Followed by: "It's done?? Perfect timing. Let's watch the League." And: "Are you writing what I (just) said? I didn't know I was on the record and that anything I said can and will be used against me in the court of blogging. So help me God. That's actually a cry for help." 

And on that note... Have a great Monday! 



  1. Haha I love your challenge! Funny reading both of your answers.

  2. Hilarious that he calls getting rid of your stuff a death wish.

  3. Hilarious. I feel like I can see that last part going down. You two are silly, but totally adorbs. I would steal this but C would never actually sit down and do it lol. Boys.

  4. Such a cute "he said, she said" -- we may be stealing this for our own blog one day!


  5. Haha this was such a good idea! I'd love to do this with my husband, but a lot of our answers probably wouldn't match up unfortunately! Some of those questions are hard!