Lately Loving

My date night *arm party* brought to you by Alex and Ani (initial charm bangle) and Francesca's (white stone bangle) [other bracelets' brand unknown].

My newfound enjoyment of cooking. Here's last night's dinner - honey mustard chicken with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, on top of homemade mashed potatoes.

Tim's humor. So glad I get to joke around with my best friend for the rest of time.

This. Here's to living a happy life NOW.

Something I didn't really love was tonight's (HST) blackout, which began while Tim was at work. The power company is outside (unsuccessfully) trying to get our electricity back on. It's my first blackout alone so I do feel like this is some sort of accomplishment... I'm always searching for the positives - you know me :)

Plus T's humor (ftw!) helped lighten my mood. 


  1. Cooking is definitely on my list of things I love. :)

  2. That text message would brighten my day too! :)

  3. Hide and seek won't work too well if you can't seek what's hiding in the dark haha! you guys are cute :)