I'd had this post planned for quite some time and then I saw this CNN headline yesterday. 

 May they all rest in peace and may there one day soon be an end to gun violence in this country.

The headline words ring so very true. Although not the easiest thing, forgiveness is essential in order to heal.

But I think it's quite normal to struggle with forgiveness, no matter the situation. There are most likely the feelings of anger and sadness over what has transpired. But even worse, in my opinion, is the feeling of hurt due to being let down by someone whom you trusted very much. By someone you'd never in a million years think you'd choose to live without. Once you realize that is actually the situation, though, you then have to go through the motions of accepting it. 

And then you just want to move on. 

To move on, however, there must be one thing: forgiveness. If not for the person, then for yourself and your well-being. Dwelling on the bad or wrong only hurts more. As for me, I have trusted a bit too easily. I always try to see the good. And so, although forgiveness is still a challenge, I try to forgive rather easily too. Perhaps not as much for the other person as for myself (as admittedly selfish as that may sound -- regardless, I let go of the ugly feelings toward the person I am forgiving so I suppose that is a more selfless aspect). And for my faith that God has a purpose for everything that happens.  

I never forget, though -- I don't think anyone does. That is pretty impossible.

* Note: This post is not about T.*


  1. I agree. Forgiveness comes pretty easy for me because I am aware of how human I am and how often I mess up. But, the forgetting is hard stuff. I tend to not bring things back up, but they do stay in my mind.

  2. Forgiveness is so powerful even in the most dire circumstances.

  3. I sincerely struggle with forgiveness in times like these...

  4. So true girlfriend, you put it perfectly!
    My family is dealing with something right now and I really wish some of my siblings would just forgive and move on! But you are right, it is so difficult!