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Last week, I chatted with a classmate who said she had been wondering how I was able to be here in Hawaii for so long and not be working. I responding that I was essentially enjoying life before my prospective job. 

As nice as it sounds, though, sometimes I feel like I'm currently not doing enough as the only unemployed-ish one of my friends and as I see peers starting their lawyer jobs and whatnot. 

But I've done what I could and had to do and I'm going to make the most of my time now - I'd like to think I deserve it and maybe even owe it to myself after the past 3 years. Then, I saw this article by Olivia Wilde in my friend Karintha's post. And it, especially #1: "DON'T freak out about all the brilliant people who accomplished more than you by 30", struck a chord. Olivia speaks of the importance of and the unsurmountable success -- above all else -- that is being a good human being.

So, sure, I might not be think I am accomplishing as much as others right now, but I try everyday to be a good daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, and person. To be a good human being. And I'm coincidentally enjoying my life along the way.

My time here was much needed. These days, I feel more at peace. Like a more complete person. A better version of myself. I can't exactly explain it but good morning and good night kisses from T, my solo kitchen experiments, and beach days by the Pacific Ocean (just to name a few things) have simply been so calming and good for my soul.

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It's all making me even more capable of being a good human being
And that's better than any other accomplishment.


  1. Well said!! :D It's easy to become depressed thinking about how successful some other people are, but in all honesty the term 'success' is so relative!

  2. Who would want to work in a place like that?!? I've been traveling around the US and Australia for like almost 2 years without a job! I'm finally starting to get into the work force now out of boredom haha

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    1. God definitely Carlos calls us to enjoy life!! Nothing to feel bad about!

  3. This is awesome! I'm so glad that you are feeling at peace. :)

  4. Eeeeeep! Shout out for me :) Thanks girly!
    And you know what I've realized after reading Olivia's article and then thinking about life - pretty much what you've said. Not only is success a relative term, in my opinion, life is about constantly progressing (love, live life proceed, progress? ok, I'll never quote Wayne again!). I've spend the past 2 months working on making myself a better person than I was yesterday and I have to say that waking up and feeling good about myself makes me feel better than any accomplishment. Because all the other stuff, well that can be taken from me in a way. But no one can take me, the me I've built and created and learned to love, away from me :)

  5. I think you are a good human being. :) Those feelings of not accomplishing enough are normal- they drive us forward. Enjoy the moment; how often do we think back and think "those were the days," but when we were living them we were so concerned to move forward or out of them. So glad you are enjoying your time in Hawaii.