Moving my baby brother to college

And as excited for him as I am, I am also quite sad.

We are 6 1/2 years apart so some people might not expect us to be as close as we are but I'm his second mom, sister, and best friend wrapped into one. When he was little, he'd sit by the door to prevent me from going out with my friends. Some nights, my mom didn't let me out because she didn't want him crying the whole night. I hated that. Now, I want to sit in front of the door and stop him from going away.

I'm so excited he's keeping the PSU legacy in the family and he's even been awarded the scholarship I was given and will therefore be living in the freshman dorm building I lived in, too. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad. Due to my college years, we spent a big chunk of 4 years apart. And now, it's his turn, which equals another 4 years.
Of course, I am more excited than I am sad. I know he'll love it there and he'll do great. I can't imagine what my parents are feeling. My brother and I are both leaving the house... and state. Just as the sign in my kitchen at home says, though:



  1. Hey Jackie! I am from NY and went to Penn State ('09), with a younger sibling (5.5 years) there now as well! Just curious, what scholarship did you and your brother receive/what dorm was it? I understand if you don't feel comfortable sharing, but I was just wondering! We are...!!

    1. Hey Lauren, I'd love to share this info with you but you're a no-reply comment blogger!! Send me your email so we can chat :)

  2. Jackie, this post brought tears to my eyes. Especially that part about you wanting to sit by the door to prevent him from leaving. I know the feeling, good-byes are always hard even if only for a few weeks, months or years. In about a month I'll be saying good-bye to my sister too and it breaks my heart to think about it even though I'm so excited to be starting life over. All the best to your brother. Now you have reunions to look forward to:)

  3. Best of luck to your brother! If my dad went to college, he would have gone to PSU. He sports the Nittany Lions!