“I love you... and more than that, I like you.”

When I heard that Nicholas Sparks quote in the "Lucky One," another of his movies I really enjoyed, it hit home. It is how I feel about T.
I actually like Tim. 
You see, I enjoy spending time together. I enjoy joking around. I even enjoy doing things I normally don't... I enjoy grocery shopping with him. I enjoy doing laundry together. Cleaning up the house together. Getting the car fixed together. Going for car washes and getting lost on road trips. Getting lost in NYC, my hometown - yes I am that born and bred New Yorker who still doesn't know if 5th Ave. is to my right or left and my horrible eyesight doesn't help. I enjoy getting wet in the rain. I enjoy quiet nights in, and of course dancing nights out.
I enjoy everyday and everything we do together because I like Tim. He gets me. He understands me and he puts up with my quirks perfectly. I think it's important to like the person you're with. Unlike family, we're not "obligated" to love one another so liking is pretty important. In my humble opinion. Lucky for me, Tim is a really likable person.

Now, don't get me wrong. There are times, though, when I might think I don't "like" him. When we're arguing and he makes me angry. Or when I'm being bratty. But the beauty in it all is that I am in love with him. So that always saves the day. Because even more than I like him, I am madly in love with him and my love for him grows more and more everyday.
And I know it always will.


  1. Very sweet Jackie! We are blessed to have boys around that we not only love to pieces...but that we actually like to spend time with! It's the very best thing a girl can ask for -- besides a bubble bath, a good book, a big glass of wine and a massage...Or maybe that's just me! :)


  2. It's so important to actually like your significant other. Kyle and I have known each other for 16 years and I still like him as a friend too.

  3. I LOVE this! Such a true sentiment, I think one of the most important things in a relationship is to actually like the person, it's way beyond love! Also 5th avenue is confusing, it's okay :)

  4. This is lovely! So so so sweet. You're so lucky to have one another! xx

  5. very blessed to have a strong bond and relationship with someone like that. Luck you. Very blessed and I know you are thankful for him

  6. Love this! So sweet!


  7. I think the best ingredients to a relationship are (1) liking each other, (2) supporting each other, (3) calling each other out on their crap :) And I mean who doesn't like Tim? LOL

  8. Hello, I am a new follower. Love your blog and cant wait to read more
    Samantha @ http://www.crazylife-chaoticwife.com/

  9. Very sweet and so true. I feel the same way about Sergio. I don't just love him... I like him sooo much. :)

  10. Awesome and so true. Like is very important. It's what keeps you together after the fuzzy feeling is gone.