give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.
Dear Life,
Thank you for every experience you've given me - good and bad. This year has overall been one for the books. I've been through a lot but I've learned even more. I'm so excited to have more beautiful memories of you.
Dear Summer, 
You are my favorite. I'm so excited I get a couple extra months of you this year.
Dear Loved Ones
I love, love, love you. Your support and faith in me is one of my biggest motivators to go on. Thank you. So very much.
Dear Brother,
  Best of luck in college! I'm know you're going to do amazing and love every second of college. I'll miss you lots! But this isn't goodbye - it's see you later :) 

Dear Penn State ,
 This visit reminded me why I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Please take care of my brother!

Dear Hawaii, 
See you SOON! Please be kind with the bugs and rain.
Dear God,
  I am blessed because of you. 

So true! When I try and explain it I wish so bad people could take a peek into my mind and see it and feel it! once you have encountered the love of God, you will NEVER be the same again!
this encapsulates a few of my letters pretty well!


  1. Hawaii??? I'm jealous!!! Have fun!!!


  2. Yay for Hawaii! Safe travels!

  3. I love letters like this thru blog. hope you have a great trip and take lots of pics

  4. Def take this time to unwind w/ the man-friend lady!! You deserve it! :)